Locke Street Antiques has been owned and operated by John Strachan for over twenty years.


There is an essential elegance to a fine handcrafted piece of furniture that is missing from most modern furniture. The correct proportions, the fine materials and the cabinet makers art are simply not considerations in modern furniture.And while self-assembly might be cheap, it is also disposable, whereas a two hundred year old piece cannot help but gain in value as time goes by.


The English 'Hallmark' is the oldest consumer protection device in the world. It displays the quality of the piece, the name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture.It is rather sad that these devices have not been adopted more globally, but nothing can detract from the brilliance of fine Sterling.


Our extensive selection of European and North American artwork dates from as far back as the mid 18th Century, right up to the early 20th Century.Whatever you taste in fine art, with our extensive collection, we are confident you will find the right piece at Locke Street Antiques.

Clocks & Timepieces

People have always had a certain fascination with antique clocks, mainly because their modern counterparts simply cannot compare with the exquisite detailing and delightful chimes of their fore-runners.From 18th Century English long-case clocks to French ormulu-mounted mantle-clocks, we have the right timepiece for any discerning collector.